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Clare Revera

Category: Wood
Location: Ogmore by Sea, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
Description: Clare makes traditional and non-traditional Welsh baskets and other items inspired by the colours and materials of the landscape around her. She is extremely passionate about working with natural and sustainable materials found in the local countryside including hazel, willow and birch, which she grows in her garden and on her field in Pembrokeshire. Being taught by master weavers who were committed to passing on their skills, Clare is often found teaching others her skills, passing on her knowledge and considers this an extremely important part of her work.
She weaves materials into functional, useful baskets using age-old traditional techniques and designs and adding a sense of individuality with colours and decorative features. Clare is particularly fascinated in local baskets and regularly makes the round Cyntell in a variety of sizes, the lighter weight Welsh shopper and the Welsh Tea Things basket.
“I love the fact that these baskets have been woven and used throughout time in Wales.”
The contemporary Zarzo and Rope Coil baskets emphasize the curve of the willow and use curious woodland embellishments to enhance their beauty, such as found twisted hazel handles and seed buttons.

Website: welshbaskets.co.uk
Facebook: @welshbaskets

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