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Elaine Bolt

Category: Clay
Location: Brighton
Description: Elaine Bolt is a ceramic artist working with ceramics and mixed media, creating works and compositions guided by a sense of narrative and immersed in the context of her local surroundings.
Her work plays with a sense of narrative through the ceramic and mixed media objects that she makes. Her framed ‘curious utensils’ and grouped objects aim to blur the boundaries between the made and the found. These works are complemented with a range of vessels, thrown on the wheel, in porcelain and terracotta, in a muted colour palette informed by colours and tones found in the landscape of the South Downs. Elaine’s latest ranges focus on the use of a restricted palette of deep flint blacks, through soft grey stony glazes to creamy white chalk tones.

‘Every piece I make is different and my ideas are constantly evolving. I value individuality and integrity in my work, putting care and a sense of personality into each one.’

Website: elainebolt.com
Twitter: @BoltCeramics
Instagram: @elainebolt
Facebook: ElaineBoltCeramics
Pinterest: boltceramics
Film: vimeo.com/163160623

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