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Piers Watson

Category: Metal
Location: 65230 Larroque-Magnoac, France
Description: Luted crucible casting is a low cost, and low-tech method of casting, relatively unknown outside India and West Africa. Artist Piers Watson has been exploring this type of casting process for a number of years and is practising, teaching, and researching it all over the world.
In 2008 and again in 2012 Piers apprenticed with a family of tribal metal casters in India to learn the process. In 2015 Piers self-published a book titled, ‘The Luted Crucible, a Pre-Industrial Method of Metal Casting’. It is the only book on the subject written by a practicing artist, that focuses entirely on the technique, materials and history of the process. Originally from Montana, Piers received a BFA in Painting from Kansas City Art Institute and an MA in Design for Interactive Media from Middlesex University in London. He is currently creating and residing in the south of France.
Website: pierswatson.com
Luted Crucible Website: luted-crucible.org
Twitter: @luted_crucible

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